Pictures of Pickles will be updated soon!

Whispering Willow

Bouncy, Happy. Awesome mommy to all of her babies!

Sweet Sassafras

Calm, loving, Doodliscious!

A family environment

We raise all of our puppies in our home.


A well socialized puppy

We work with each pup daily to ensure it is happy and confident.


Knowledge and Care

We love each Doodle as if they were our today, tomorrow or next year if you have a question or concern we are always happy to help! 

Welcome To

Greetings from Great Lakes Labradoodles. We are a small, home based breeder of the Australian Labradoodle. We are located about 15 miles outside of Grand Rapids, MI in a small town called Middleville.


We have been breeding Australian Labradoodles for about 14 years now and we still consider each puppy as our precious pets as they romp in our fenced yard and live in our home with our Family.

Sandiy is the 'expert' of the family having an extensive background in Veterinary medicine and care. Sandiy has worked with only a select few  premier breeders for our own Doodle Family so that we can provide exceptional labradoodle puppies with the focus on temperament and sweet/smart dispositions. 

A Word About Great Lakes Labradoodles


Giant of Nose. Sweet of Disposition. Stud Extrordinaire!

Meet Our Furry Family Members

What to Expect

Breeder of the original Australian Labradoodle

 Great Lakes Labradoodles

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