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Great Lakes Labradoodles is a home based breeder of the original Australian Labradoodle. We have been breeding these beautiful, sweet tempered family pets for over a decade with a focus on health and temperament...

Low to Non Shedding

Welcome To

are expecting



Eggplant ~ 5 months


Allergy Friendly


6000 Knoll Drive Middleville MI 49333 US




Family raised

Is working right now on her upcoming Winter litter...

​Puppies are due  December 2015


Time for a trim?

Use a beard trimmer to keep the eyes and chin trimmed. When it's time to have a full cut

IDog Biz provides a printable grooming guide for you to take to your groomer. 


 Great Lakes Labradoodles

There are two sweet 5  month old girls available from our May 23rd litter. 

Puppies are ready to go home now!​​

Website Updated December 1st 2015

Breeder of the original Australian Labradoodle